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All You Need To Know About The NORAD Santa Tracker


We know that it’s technically not even September yet, but let’s face it, the cold months are upon us. Fall will be here soon, the summer sun will fade away and Christmas will be knocking at our doorstep before we’ve had a chance to shake off our tan. Christmas is by far the best holiday of the year and it is loved by both children and adults. In fact, people of all ages can’t help but love Christmas, with the exception of a few dedicated Grinches out there.

About NORAD Santa Tracker

Still, Google is not one to let a couple of naysayers ruin the fun for everyone, so it’s time to prepare to use the company’s official Santa tracker. In case you weren’t aware of this by now, the Mountain View tech giant offers its user base an entire magical array of Santa and Christmas themed apps, games and other cool bits and bobs. But the Santa Tracker is certainly the star of the show.

The online free Android app tracks Santa’s journey around the world on Christmas Eve, which can be great fun for both parents and toddlers. Imagine the fun your little one can have with it. And if that’s not enough, Google Assistant can also let you know what Santa is up to in each moment.

Just ask it “What is Santa doing?” or “Where’s Santa?” for an instant live update. Other fun little perks include videos and Santa Selfie. If Christmas wasn’t the best holiday already, now it certainly is!

These services are of course available only around Christmas, so maybe wait a bit before trying them. Anyway, Merry Christmas in advance everyone! Have a jolly good time this December together with your loved ones, and don’t forget to check up on Santa.