AirPods Strap Solution for Apple’s Removed Headphones

AirPods Strap Solution for Apple’s Removed Headphones


Many iPhone fans who followed News/IT Websites in the past weeks have heard the rumors according to which Apple is planning to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack, and they weren’t surprised when the iPhone 7 was unveiled and it lacked this feature. But, this doesn’t mean that customers have no problem spending $160 on a pair of headphones, because if they want to listen to music on their new phones, they won’t be able without this accessory, which can be easily lost. What can users do to prevent that?

The new AirPods that will cost $130 will be available this October. The earphones (wireless headphones) will use optical sensors and a motion accelerometer, which will detect when they will be introduced in user’s ears. Each earphone will weight 4 grams, it will measure 16.5 by 18.0 by 40.5 mm and will connect via Bluetooth. Also, beside the dual optical sensors and motion-detecting accelerometer, inside of each earphone are integrated dual beam-forming microphones and a speech-detecting accelerometer. On a single charge, the AirPods provide up to five hours listening time and up to two hours talk time.

Users are not frustrated because the AirPods cost so much, but because they should be careful not to lose them. The solution to this problem comes from case maker Spigen, who has created a strap for AirPods that costs only $10 and which will be delivered mid-next month. Spigen said that the product is “Compact, lightweight, and extremely durable,” and from what we’ve seen in the images, it will snap onto the pods and the earphones will “stay” together.

The iPhone 7 will be available in three variants of internal memories of 32GB, 128 and 258 and the 4.7-inch variant will have the same price as its predecessor, while the 5.5-inch model will cost between $769 and $969. In the US, both models will be available through AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile and Verizon, with different monthly plans.


  1. that’s racciss showing them on a Nubian just so the whiteness is more offset and noticeable

  2. Did people expect a “free” or “low cost” for accessory *for* Apple product accessory?
    Buy a $650 iphone, spend another $650 to make it work properly.

    **OMG iphone is so much cheaper than Note 7**

  3. Who every said it was cheaper XD I’m gonna keep my 6s for another year then get a Nexus Device or even the ZTE Axion7 because DAYUM that phone is sick =u=

  4. LOL…

    All that work to get rid of the wires; and people complain about them not having a strap.

    I like the BT headphones with a strap connecting them together, I think that is the best solution right now…

    The worst thing about the airpods is not the functional design…it’s the aesthetic. I mean, they look like a tampon hanging out of your ear.

  5. Basically you will lose the tether first as you remove it to charge the airpods, and then you will lose the airpods