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AdAway APK – The Best Way To Block Ads


Our lives are very connected with technology; we spend more and more time on our smartphone both for work and leisure. During this time, irritating ads pop up and annoy us terribly. How many times have you wished your browser will stop these ads from appearing? Now it is possible with an ad blocker which genuinely works.

AdAway, ad blocker

This ad blocker can improve your phone browsing experience and block the irritating ads which appear out of the blue. The tool works by blocking the servers from connecting to the web. In order to use this ad blocking tool, users need to root their device. This can be done fast with the help of apps such as KingRoot.

AdAway works both casually and with the help of the White and Black lists created by users. Users can create white and black lists on the IP of the servers.

What the app has to offer

The open source ad blocker for Android needs at the Android 2.1 version and root access to work. It allows users to block the popups and ads while it functions to its maximum capacity. Users can add additional hostnames on their block ads list. Whitelists are available to add ad exceptions on specific sites and apps. Extrahost names can be added on the Blacklist. The app can be downloaded from D-droid and users can donate via PayPal.

Facts you should know before downloading

Future users should know that AdAway is not reliable when the user is on mobile networks instead of Wi-Fi. If you use Chrome, then Ads are not blocked as well as ads in XYZ app.

Before installing the app, F-Droid recommends you first become one of their clients and then download the AdAway app. Thi is due to update and security reasons.