Home News A gigantic iceberg detaches in Antarctica

A gigantic iceberg detaches in Antarctica


As reported by Reuters, a massive iceberg has broken away from the Antarctica peninsula. This occurrence makes it difficult for navigating ships and those around the continent.

All about the detached iceberg:

According to scientists from the University of Swansea and the British Antarctic Survey, the iceberg measured 5,800 square km and weighted one trillion tones. It is said to have calved away between the 10th and the 12th of July from the Larsen C Ice Shelf.

To realize just how massive the iceberg block is, its size is comparable to of the Delaware state from the United States of America or to Bali, the Indonesian Island. For months, this giant block of ice has been breaking off from Antarctica little by little.

The European Space Agency has been monitoring the evolution of the rift in the ice shelf, especially throughout the Antarctic winter. The agency has used its satellites for proper monitoring.

Adrian Luckman, a professor at Swansea University and the main researcher of MIDAS Project has been watching the ice shelf’s evolution for the past couple of years. According to his findings and measurements, this iceberg is one of the largest ever recorded to have split from the peninsula and it is difficult to predict how it will progress in time. In his opinion, the iceberg is likely to break into smaller fragments. While some parts might remain in the area for many years to come, other parts of the ice block might head north, where warmer waters are found. It is unlikely that the massive iceberg will stay in one piece and continue floating around.

What are the implications?

The massive iceberg is an imminent danger for ships and crew members while it floats around. The Antarctic Peninsula is not currently on major trade routes, but it is a frequent destination for cruise ships coming from South America.