Home News A Cryptocurrency Battle Rages On Between Stellar, Ripple and Ethereum

A Cryptocurrency Battle Rages On Between Stellar, Ripple and Ethereum


Stellar (XLM) has been in the news quite a lot lately and for the most part, it has been good news. Even in a cycle where the cryptocurrencies are getting blasted and values are dropping a lot over a 7-day period, Stellar seems to be keeping its head above water. For that to happen, the odds are good that the partnership between Stellar and IBM has a lot to do with that.

Stellar Lumens Take On The Rest

Stellar and its lumen are set to become adapted in central banks around the globe since its partnership with IBM was announced just a few weeks ago. This puts Stellar in a great position over similar digital currencies like Ripple and Ethereum. According to news reports, Stellar would easily see an increase in overall growth and likely moved far ahead of the other two in the market.

Since the partnership with IBM is still in the early stages, it is hard to tell how the value of Stellar is going to come out, but the odds are good that it will benefit, rather than be hurt by it.

Stellar Looks Good To Experts and Investors

Stellar seems to be making all the right moves when it comes to getting contracts like the one with IBM and keeping the coin moving in the right direction. All the while that is happening, Ripple and Ethereum are trying to keep from getting trampled over in the market. Being able to get new and keep old customers is not going to be easy when Stellar looks that much better.

The boost to Stellar can be attributed to the fact that the Kin Foundation added it as a second platform. The ball kept rolling from there and there is plenty of evidence showing that the digital currency network has the better blockchain.