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A Cheaper MacBook Air to be Available Soon


Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at Apple and part of KGI Securities, stated that buyers can expect Apple to release a cheaper version of their 13-inch version of their MacBook Air during 2018, most likely in the second quarter of this year. Ming-Chi Kuo is a reliable source so we can expect this news to become reality.

More about the MacBook Air

This laptop was released 10 years ago by the company’s late CEO, Steve Jobs. The laptop was highly popular among college level users. The laptop had a couple of minor upgrades as time passed but it looks like this year Apple is going to finally work much more on this laptop.

What did Kuo reveal

Kuo publicly said that he expects Apple to make this move sometime this year. Why would they do this? The MacBook Air is already a popular type of laptop and with a cheaper version of it expected to be launched on the market it is expected that sales are going to rise up to 15%.

He has not made any other reveals regarding the laptop but his claims seem to be backed up by a recent statement made by Apple. The company said that they are going to release three news laptop models in 2018 so Apple enthusiasts are going to have access to a whole new array of products.

What was the last MacBook Air update

The last time that Apple made any changes to this laptop, they added a faster processor, a dual-core 1.8Ghz i5, and 8GB of RAM. The laptop also came with 128GB of internal storage.


This news has not yet been confirmed by Apple so until the company comes out with official statement fans can only speculate and wait for a new reveal. What we know for sure is that this new upgrade, if true, is going to be very exciting!