80 Generation two Pokemon are being added to Pokemon GO

80 Generation two Pokemon are being added to Pokemon GO


Popular mobile game Pokemon GO will add a new expansion this week, there will be added 80 Generation two Pokemon to the app.

Pokemon GO may have peaked in popularity a couple of months ago. Fortunately there are still many fans that enjoyed the game and would return for such a massive expansion that would send them in adventure outside once again. Also, many of them may return for such an engaging game.

On the Pokemon GO website they announced a major increase in Pokemon and it was later on confirmed by the Development team at Pokemon GO. More than 80 brand new Pokemon will be added to the app from the Pokemon Gold and Pokemon silver’s Johto region that you can collect when it will be released this week.

Pokemon such as Cyndaquil, Totodile and Chikorita will be released in the latest update along with a full list of all the other new and exciting Pokemon that will be added. Also many other Pokémon from Generation Two that were added before the upcoming expansion will gain the ability to evolve in the Jotho region of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

With the amazing number of new Pokemon that will be released, new encounters will be added for more variety. Niantic will be adding creatures that will have new reactions when they get caught by one skillful Pokemon trainer. In addition they are adding two berries to PokeStops that you can buy such as the Pinap Berry that doubles the candy then you can receive to new highs and the Nanab Berry that makes Pokemon movement slower. Aside from this there is even more with new clothing options for even greater customization that can be used on the personal avatar in-game.

It is very exciting to be a Pokemon fan right now with this new expansion rolling out with tons of new stuff to do and enjoy, to customize, to explore. With all that it gives great hope to all Pokemon fans that the Dev team is still working on the game and other things may come for the future of the Game.