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500-Year-Old Aztec skull discovered in Mexico


Archaeologists have discovered hundreds of skulls belonging to humans of all age gaps and of both genders in Mexico City near Templo Mayor.

Templo Mayor has been one of the main Aztec temples and it was inside the city of Tenochtitlan, which they regarded as their capital. Almost 700 skulls forming a tower have been discovered.

The first time the Spanish conquistadors (aprox.400) reached Tenochtitlan, they were surprised by the grandeur of the capital and also by the Aztec rituals. According to the Archaeological Institute of America, the Aztecs has used plenty of bloody rituals, involving sacrificing their citizens to their divinity. Some examples include the conquistadors stumbling upon human hearts getting burned in ceramic boxes.

Sacrifices and rituals used by the Aztecs

According to the Washington Post, the Spanish explorers have described the Aztecs chosen for the sacrifices were dismembered and cooked with chilies and tomatoes. On other occasion they have discovered a row of skulls placed in the temple of Huitzilopochtli. Huitzilopochtli is the god of the sun, human sacrifice and war.

Andres de Tapia, one of the soldiers of Hernán Cortes, has discovered what he has accounted so far as being over 136,000 human skulls. According to them, those were the skulls of the last men to be conquered during the battle. The skulls served as a warning for all the enemies for the Aztec empire. But, the Spaniards also discovered skulls which belonged to women and children.

The question remaining, after this founding, is to understand why the Aztec wanted to parade skulls belonging to women and children. Scientists are just starting to study these findings and some theories say that the humans were indeed sacrificed on purpose during a dispute from a neighboring community. There are plenty of facts yet to be revealed.