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4 Best Websites For Online Gaming – Where Will You Go For A Quick Game?


Gaming has become such a standard pastime activity among today’s generations that it’s no longer strange to see people of old ages entertaining themselves with a nice computer game before bedtime or during the day when they don’t have any other obligations. There are thousands of games out there and it’s safe to assume that you can’t play them all, but you can get a pretty generous number down if you visit online gaming hubs.

These are websites that are dedicated to offering you online games you can enjoy without even having to install anything on your computer. The problem is that there are many such websites and it’s hard to tell which are the truly quality focused ones and which aren’t worth your time. Here are some of the best online game websites that you can visit.


Miniclip is a legendary website among gaming enthusiasts, as it has been along for people to enjoy over the course of countless generations. It’s a game website that everyone knows and loves, and even though some might have left it behind when they grew up, others have preserved their Miniclip gaming habits from when they were kids to this very day.

The platform is packed with games of all genres, from mind challenging puzzles to action games and thrilling adventures.


This website is more than just a platform housing games, as it is also a community and a place where you can take pride in your gaming achievements. Offering single player and multiplayer games, the platform also gives its users badges and honorary distinctions for different things.

Basically, veteran members of the community will immediately be recognized and differentiated by newcomers based on their status and achievement progression.


Yet another great website for indulging yourself a couple of online games, AddictingGames provides users with a huge library to explore. Games of all types can be found here, and there are little to no chances that you leave the website without having played a game or two. Its strength is diversity and it truly excels at displaying what it can do.


If you’re looking a different kind of entertainment through games, maybe Pogo is more of your thing. The site focuses on word games, puzzles, and even card games. It’s more of a “traditional” game website and it caters to the needs of a lot of players that want that kind of experience in an online format.

The icing on the cake, however, is represented by the fact that you can actually win real prizes on this site. All of the sudden, it’s not just about having fun anymore, but about having fun and winning big.