Galaxy Note 7 – Its Days Are Numbered

Galaxy Note 7 – Its Days Are Numbered


Everybody knows by now all about the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, where Samsung hurried up and released the gadget without going through all the testing processes. The South Korean based tech giant somehow overlooked one major problem in the phablet’s design, the device’s battery would overcharge and then explode. Samsung started receiving hate since the first day these phablets were released, especially since in some case the battery explosion burned the owner of the device. The flaw in the design of Note 7 got so bad that even airports banned the devices forcing Samsung to recall the phablets.

Samsung had only one choice, to recall the devices and give their customer’s money back, but that isn’t as easy as it sounds since there were some users who didn’t want to return them. Even though Samsung managed to gather 92 percent of the sold gadgets, that wasn’t enough and the tech giant decided to roll out an software update that bricks the devices. In order to be able to do that, Samsung had get permission from all network carriers and almost all of them agreed, only one major U.S. carrier didn’t agree.

Verizon was the company that didn’t see eye to eye with Samsung’s decision, the reason behind that is that Verizon was worrying that their customers might not have another device to switch to. To make Verizon happy, Samsung offered $100 over the device’s initial price for all Verizon users that return their Note 7. This was the best deal the South Korean based company could put up and it looks like Samsung also pursued Verizon to roll out the “brick” software. Verizon announced on their official website that the update will be sent starting January 5th.


  1. i found Nomu S30 With IP68 and Super rugged and its way to Cheap . and te best thing it not gets blown

  2. And they still made money! lol…. Yet these hyperbolic iBloviating Slime Stream Tech Media site writers, act like they’re going out of business! haha…..

    Maybe you should check out all the different publicly held companies Samsung owns along with a score of Privately Held Companies. Easy to check Publicly held companies on Google. So you only need to search Samsung Electronics Shares and Samsung SDI Shares to find out that apparently they are both enjoying their near high 5 yr share price right now!!!

    Also…. we learned last year that Samsung had solved the problems with Solid State Batteries in R&D Conjunction with MIT and other Top Universities. So right now in conjunction with South Korean Government, LG has joined with Samsung to get their Solid State Batteries to mass market!

    What does that mean??? It’s means no more BATTERY FIRES….. EVER!!! …..and to top that off (as if that wasn’t great news already), they are touting these Samsung Designed Solid State Batteries as the “Perfect Battery”! ………that will live longer than the devices they are put in!!! LIFE TIME!!!

    Note 8 and Galaxy S8 will be the first phones to ship with these Fire PROOF Solid State Batteries!!! ;-P ……why no wonder Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI alone are selling near record 5 yr share prices! lol…..

  3. Just ordered a new Note7 on the day my carrier discontinued it. I had to search to find it bc it didn’t show up as an offered replacement. UPS says it will come tomorrow morning. I’m proud to get it. I’ll turn off fast charging and I have taken precautions in case it does catch fire / explode but after a month or two I’ll trust it. I’ll definitely check it our when I get it (green battery ind., made in China, etc). But if it all checks out I’ll be ecstatic. It’s the phone I’ve always wanted … a waterproof, drop-resistant note with QI charging and an outdoor-capable display.

  4. Hi friends,i want to buy a smartphone about $100,with a larger screen,can you introuduce some for me?

  5. The sky is falling, the sky is falling….Horse Hockey! Read mi Lord Humungus below…I agree. They will continue to sell and in 3 months it will be back in the 1 or 2 spot along with the iPlop

  6. Ridiculous. In 3 months no one will remember this, unless you’re foolish enough to not get a replacement.

  7. it might have already been stated….so what if it is 64GB… has a SD Card and with the free 256GB card, I now have 320GB. The iPhone, well, try adding memory to it….that’s right, you can’t. Try adding memory to the Nexus phones…..that’s right, you can’t.

    I do admit, I would have like to have a 6GB RAM model.

  8. I have been a fan of Note since the Note 2 series, but now it seems samsung is just fucking up…only launching the 6Gig/128Gig model in China,….WTF….
    Thanks but no thanks….time to look for another brand & model… or continue on my note 4 and dip in Phone subscribtion to sim only

  9. Why not just buy a memory card and in reader storage it’s not hard to do. And 6 gigs of ram, not really necessary on a phone u won’t notice much difference from the 4 gig.

  10. You should change your web tag line for this article, still says 6gb/128gb Note7 confirmed. They’ve released it in China with 4gb and 64gb storage. You should change that, makes you look like fucking idiots.

  11. Hello everyone,
    I’m desperately looking for a reliable unlocking solution for this phone. Could you please recommend me a good service? I really want to use my Note 7 on T-Mobile.