Samsung Galaxy S8 Innovative Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 Innovative Features


Now that 2016 is coming to an end, everyone is expecting 2017 to be filled with innovative smartphones from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Apple. In fact, the South Korean giant will be the first one to launch a new smartphone during March, while Apple will be releasing their new iPhone in September. With that being said, it’s completely understandable that tech experts everywhere are speculating about what new features those devices will include.

Audio Jack

It’s already known that Samsung has to create an almost flawless flagship device in order to clear their name over what happened with the Galaxy Note 7. Rumor has it that Samsung will follow in Apple’s footsteps and remove the 3.5mm audio jack, the only difference being that Samsung will only allow headsets that have USB Type-C ports to connect. On the other hand, Apple is working really hard to make the transition from classical headphones to wireless ones, even going to the lengths of persuading manufacturers to create headphones that use Apple’s lighting port. Nonetheless, the removal of the classical 3.5mm audio jack will only lead to a higher quality of sound.

Home Button

Multiple reports are pointing out that Samsung will remove the physical Home button and this change will give the Galaxy S8 a complete new look. The South Korean giant is opting instead for a sensor that will placed beneath the glass display or on the back of the device. This wouldn’t be the first time that an Android phone isn’t equipped with a physical home.

Whatever might be the case, we can always expect Samsung to equip their flagship device with only premium hardware and features. We can be sure that once we reach the first quarter of 2017, the South Korean company will release news about additional features.


  1. Samsung should have a standard 64GB UFS internal storage to keep the cost down and include a UFS/microSD slot for people to add more storage if/when they need it. A lot of people will be fine with only 64GB while others will want more than 256GB.

  2. Pen made and makes me a diehard to the note I won’t upgrade with out a pen it’s like having a pc phone, I just wish all smartphones had extra windows for Web pages when stuff is live like real time chatting and all the stuff cut off on the small screen versions of Web pages everything in plain view like a bar or something like the notification pull down ,full,split,talk, copy past drag you name it ,I hate when there’s no full features to a Web page I can’t play or fully use it say like netflix or YouTube or any Web page.Everyone will change to 10nm as small as the chips are they could stack em and cool the top and bottom like hyper thread or something, but I would set El for full access to Web pages then I would love my phone.

  3. “Other”: how about fixing the crap Wifi bugs that plague the S7? Still can’t reliably sync Gmail or use TeamViewer and multiple other apps on a Wifi connection on my S7.

  4. Samsung should improve on – updating software, improving battery, quad
    speakers, polished design, upgraded camera, 4k display, faster
    processor, 6gb ram, usb-c, etc.

  5. I think Samsung needs to bring in the shatterproof screens that Motorola offers. I’m currently giving up my Droid Turbo, which has a shatterproof screen, for the Galaxy s7 edge and it worries me that I will be carrying around a phone that can crack. I can’t tell you how many time having a shatterproof screen has saved me from having to get a new phone. Even though I have an otterbox on my phone, it has fallen screen-first on pavement many times and still to this day after 2 years, it doesn’t even have a scratch on it.