Samsung Smart Switch App allows Windows Phone 8.1 users to transfer files

Samsung Smart Switch App allows Windows Phone 8.1 users to transfer files


Smart Switch Mobile comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S7/S7 edge/Note7 devices and its main role is to allow owners of supported devices to transfer contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages or settings to a Galaxy device. The application gives Android and BlackBerry users the possibility to transfer data via wireless or using a cable, while iOS users can import data from iCloud or make transfers from PC/Mac using iTunes. On the other hand, Smart Switch has received a new update that included Windows Phone on the list of supported operating systems, but users are able to transfer files only with the wireless device-to-device transfer option.

In order to transfer data via wireless to a Galaxy device, you will need to own either another Galaxy device or Android device running on Android 4.0 or higher, a BlackBerry OS 7 or 10 device, or Windows Phone 8.1 device. Wired transfers are supported by devices running on Android 4.3 or higher, iOS 5.0 or above, BlackBerry OS 7 or 10, while iCloud transfers are supported by devices running on iOS 4.2.1 and iTunes transfers can be made from PC/Mac with Smart Switch app installed on them.

Content that can be transferred to a Galaxy device includes: contacts, calendar, messages, photos, music, videos, call logs, memos, alarms, Wi-Fi, wallpapers, documents, app data and home layouts (Galaxy devices only), home layouts.

Smart Switch 3.3.02-4 is the latest version of the application and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. To access this feature on the Note 7, you will have to head to Settings > Cloud and accounts > Smart Switch, while on S7/S7 edge, the feature is accessed from Settings > Backup and reset > Open Smart Switch.

Besides Window Mobile support (Win OS 8.1, Smart Phone only), the new update brings message backup & restore speed improvement, iOS9 iCloud: Additional content – Document (iWorks: Pages/Keynotes/ Numbers) and bug fixes.


  1. Didn’t MS do a similar thing to help people switch to WP!
    It’s a smart move so that all those WP users leaving the sinking ship get caught in the Samsung lifeboats.

  2. MS knows they messed up and samsung is simply taking advantage.

    MS is done. Time to leave the titanic.

    Android or iOS is left.

    Thank you MS for messing up.

  3. This shows that Samsung is extremely threatened by the proliferation of Windows devices out there on this part of the universe and is taking desperate measures to win at least a handful of users, if any, over to their poor Galaxy devices side.

    This is a double-edged move of course because while it tries to help Samsung it also shows how weak and pathetic they are and people will just ignore them because they don’t want to go to such low standards.

    There is no stopping the Windows Mobile tsunami!!!

    **Takes off the Windows fanboy mask and starts breathing again.**

  4. It’s starting to see like Microsoft is giving us no choice. It’s not like third party Windows Mobile devices have come rushing in to fill the void.

  5. I needed this update 2 weeks ago when I got my Note 7. Damn. Hate starting from scratch and losing all my texts etc.

  6. Samsung seems to be more worried about Windows Phone users than Microsoft. They proved with this app.