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YouTube’s Web Player Adapts To Vertical Videos After Acknowledging Their Popularity


YouTube seems to have finally acknowledged the popularity of vertical videos in its mobile applications. As a result, the platform is embracing this format on PCs. The streaming giant has updated its web player with enhanced support for various aspect ratios.

Since we were speaking of vertical videos, IGVT is a stand-alone app that features vertical videos up to an hour long, which is a significant shift from the one-minute time limit on Instagram.

IGTV also features a dedicated space in the main Instagram app, in case you want to watch these videos in the same place you look at pictures and Stories.

YouTube’s web player adapts to vertical videos

Going back to YouTube, for instance, if you are watching a taller clip than usual, YouTube will both enlarge the video appropriately and also scrap the dreaded black bars.

This will not make you forget that you are watching footage that was initially intended for phone, but it will, on the other hand, make the experience better.

The great thing is that this change will also apply to regular 16:9 videos, this way, taking advantage of that extra blank space to enlarge your picture.

You might think twice before clicking the Theater Button as quickly as you did in the past.

This probably will not convince your buddies to shoot videos in widescreen, no matter how much you might try and mend their ways.

Anyway, we believe that YouTube was just swimming against the current by assuming that every clip was 16:9.

If it did not add support for various aspect ratios on all platforms, it risked losing out on creators and viewers who have been growing up with Instagram and Snapchat.

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