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YouTube Tests Out New “Explore Tab” Feature Which Helps Content Creators Get Bigger


YouTube is without a doubt the biggest video streaming platform in the world. People who use YouTube as their primary source of entertainment will never get bored because thousands of videos are being uploaded every minute. However, things are not going too well for YouTube because the people who are in charge of the platform don’t communicate with content creators.

YouTube Innovation

The developers want to keep improving YouTube with cool new features in hopes of innovating the video streaming platform, but these features are affecting content creators.

Some of you might know about the “adpocalypse” where YouTube started demonetizing videos left and right, but this isn’t the worst thing that content creators had to deal with.

Subscriber Videos

The one thing that YouTube never dared to touch was the subscriber panel. People who subscribe to content creators are going to see their latest videos in the recommendation panel, but this system was changed and this caused an outrage in the YouTube community.

The reason why content creators are so mad with this change is because it makes it harder for them to get views on their new videos. Fortunately, YouTube wants to make up for that issue with a new feature.

New Explore Tab Feature

YouTube announced that it’s currently working on an experimental feature called the “Explore Tab”. Just like the feature’s name implies, it will help users find new videos that they might enjoy. The sole purpose of this feature is to keep users entertained while helping content creators get views and bigger subscriber counts at the same time.

Helping Content Creators

The biggest issue that YouTube has been criticized for is not helping emerging content creators get more views. Well, it seems like YouTube is changing that because the new “Explore Tab” will feature an “on the rise” panel where new content creators will appear.


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