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XeonFrame (XFT) is Changing the E-Commerce Ecosystem as We Know It


The e-commerce ecosystem is booming, and everyone is shopping online nowadays. However, there are some downsides to the e-commerce ecosystem and here is Xeonframe comes in. Xeonframe is looking to innovate the e-commerce ecosystem by offering a token which gives users a platform where they can exchange goods and via a Decentralized App that uses blockchain-based technology which ensures payment security and anonymity to all users.

Today we are going to take a close look at Xeonframe and see how it plans to change the way people purchase items and services online and how Xeonframe will make it easier for everyone to find the best prices online and to make secure anonymous payments.

E-commerce Vulnerabilities

As previously mentioned, there are some downsides to the e-commerce ecosystem, and Xeonframe is looking to provide a solution for them. The most significant vulnerabilities of the e-commerce ecosystem are payment security, a lack of decentralized payment gateway and payment restrictions among others. Fortunately, Xeonframe offers an innovative decentralized architecture which guarantees the much-needed security protocol in e-commerce.

Immutable Digital Ledger and Smart Contracts


One of Xeonframe’s most important features is the fact that it can establish an immutable digital ledger for all users who are using the network offered by Xeonframe. Not just that, but Xeonframe will also provide users with smart contracts which guarantee secure and fast payment gateway in e-commerce.

Decentralized Network

The first thing we need to mention about Xeonframe when it comes to security is that the Xeonframe Application is decentralized. This means that all the data which goes through the app will not be stored on the blockchain. This guarantees that Xeonframe will not create “user profiles”, as some other e-commerce apps do.


Since we are talking about the e-commerce ecosystem, security is a top priority. No one wants their private data such as credit card number or purchase list details to be leaked. Therefore, Xeonframe’s primary focus is to provide users with secure transactions between manufacturers, consumers, and businesses via a blockchain-based registry which guarantees unique user identity. Moreover, Xeonframe also provides users with individual public keys which can be validated on the Xeonframe network.

User Anonymity

There are many reasons why people purchase items and services in the e-commerce space, but the most common one is privacy. The team behind Xeonframe knows that people put a high price on their privacy and this is why the Xeonframe network offers full user anonymity. No one will know what items or services users are purchasing because Xeonframe’s distributed ledger technology environment makes sure of that.

Revolutionary Idea

Now that we presented the main idea behind Xeonframe let’s get into the most innovative feature that it has to offer, AR (Augmented Reality). There have been many companies which experimented with AR, but Xeonframe is taking things to the next level with how it uses AR.

The primary use for AR until now has been to create fun mobile games such as Pokemon Go for example, but Xeonframe is bringing it to the e-commerce ecosystem. Xeonframe’s goal is to integrate AR into the online shopping experience and the way it’s using it changes everything!

AR Discovery

The coolest thing about the Xeonframe Application is that it allows users to utilize AR and see how items will look around their house. Let’s say for example someone is looking to purchase a new blender and is not sure how that will look in his home. Well, just like the picture above is showing us, that person can simply turn on the app and make the item appear in the house via AR technology.

With that in mind, we think it’s safe to say that Xeonframe will help people find items that suit their liking. This feature doesn’t limit itself to small items since users will also be able to larger objects such as a couch or bed and see how it will look in their house before buying it.

Artificial Intelligence

Another amazing thing about Xeonframe is that it also utilizes AI (artificial intelligence). Xeonframe makes sure that users can find the best deals for whatever type of item or service they are looking for. Xeonframe created a special engine algorithm which scans and processes billions of data in order to compare prices and then present the results to the user. The incredible thing about this special engine algorithm is that it manages to process billions of data in a matter of seconds, thus users will not waste any time while looking for products.

Xeonframe Tokens (XFT) Offering

Xeonframe features a total supply of 150,000,000 XFT tokens. The price of 2,000 XFT tokens is currently valued at 1 ETH (Ethereum), but things might change as the Xeonframe network becomes more popular in time. Nonetheless, the total number of XFT tokens which are available for sale is 75,000,000.

The XFT token acts similar to a voucher which means that it can be exchanged for different types of services or goods on the Xeonframe platform.

XFT Token Complies with ERC20

In case you didn’t know, the term ERC20 is a set of rules that tokens which want to be accepted need to meet. Moreover, ERC is an acronym for “Ethereum Request for Comments” and the reason why tokens want to comply with ERC20 is because it gives them value and they can be exchanged between users just like Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP) and Bitcoin for example.

This should come as no surprise, but Xeonframe’s XFT token complies with ERC20. Therefore, XFT tokens can be sent or received without any issues, and they can also be stored on third-party Ethereum (ETH) wallets.

XFT Token Bonus Structure

Investors who are interested in Xeonframe and want to purchase XFT tokens should know that Xeonframe offers an ICO bonus structure. Here are the bonuses that Xeonframe offers:

  • 20% bonus for 200 to 98000 XFT (1 to 49 ETH);
  • 25% bonus for to 198,000 XFT (55 to 99 ETH);
  • 30% bonus for 200,000 to 498,000 XFT (100 to 249 ETH);
  • 35% bonus for 500,000 to 998,000 XFT (250 to 459 ETH);
  • 40% bonus for 1,000,000 to 1,998,000 XFT (500 to 999 ETH);
  • 45% bonus for 2,000,000 to 4,998,000 XFT (1000 to 2499 ETH);
  • 50% bonus for 5,000,000 XFT and more (2500 ETH).

Where to buy XFT?

Another great thing about the XFT token is that it’s pretty easy to purchase. Investors can head on over to cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase or other similar platforms. The only thing that interested investors will need to do is to verify their account, add a method of payment which can be debit or credit cards, wire transfer or U.S. bank accounts and then simply purchase the desired amount of XFT tokens.

Xeonframe Digital Wallet

Another question that investors might be asking themselves is where will their tokens be stored? Or if they need to rely on a third-party wallet? All XFT tokens are stored in a digital wallet that’s offered by the Xeonframe platform. However, the tokens can also be moved to a third-party ETH digital wallet and stored there.

XFT Price Expectations

The token is still relatively new to the cryptocurrency market and predicting how much it will cost in the upcoming months or years is impossible. Although, this is the case with all other tokens and this is what makes investing in the cryptocurrency market so rewarding and risky at the same time.

Nonetheless, the team behind Xeonframe believes that as the platform will keep growing the price for the XFT token will also become more expensive. In addition, the idea behind the Xeonframe platform is truly innovative, and the implementation of AR technology will surely make it a success in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Professional Team

Chung Hideki is the CEO and co-founder of Xeonframe and he has over fourteen years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Chung Hideki is more than suited to be the one in charge of Xeonframe because he is a cryptocurrency expert who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

Talon Xander has been the Chief Operating Officer at Alibaba for more than four years which paired with his experience as a serial e-commerce entrepreneur with more than twelve years of experience makes him the perfect man to be Xeonframe’s CTO and co-founder.

Kenji Norio is the one in charge of Xeonframe’s innovative use of AR technology. Kenji Norio holds the title of being Xeonframe’s CFO and co-founder, and he has a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Augmented Reality at the National University of Singapore. We should also mention that Kenji Norio worked as an Engineering Manager and consultant at Google.

The reason why Xeonframe is so great when it comes to user security is because Norman Osamu is part of the team. Norman Osamu previously held the title of being the Technical Advisor for the Ministry of National Defense Cyber Command and the Advisor of Cyber Security and Technology for the National Police Agency.

We presented only four members of the Xeonframe team, but there are many others who are also more than qualified to help Xeonframe change the way people buy, sell and search for products in the e-commerce ecosystem.