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Xender – Sharing is Caring


The best way to connect with people is by sharing. The technology has adapted to the human needs and created an app that allows to share files and called it Xender. This app is useful in a work environment due to the ability to share Excel spreadsheets, word documents or even PPT presentation.

A Premium File-Sharing App

It is important to mention that Xender is completely free and easy to use. What makes Xender special is the ability to send files between Android and iOS, something that can’t be done using Bluetooth.

Mobile operating systems have some restrictions set by default. Google doesn’t want smartphones which are powered by Android to interact with Apple’s iOS. Luckily, Xender has been designed to remove those restrictions, thus Android users can send files to their friends who enjoy using an iPhone.

Sharing Items

As previously mentioned, Xender is capable to share content which makes it very useful in a workplace, but also features the option of sharing contacts, videos, pictures, gifs or even fully installed applications. Therefore, Xender is a great app to have on your smartphone.

Hidden Feature

Did you just buy a new smartphone? Well, you are in for a treat because Xender has a hidden feature and it’s going to make it super easy for you to transfer all your old data to the new smartphone.

Even though Xender excels at sending files like pictures and videos, the app can also handle private information like contact info, schedules, and even personal notes. To make things even better Xender will send all your private information in a matter of seconds.

Final Words

If you want to make file sharing an easier process, then you might consider giving Xender a try. After all, Xender is completely free to use and you’ll not lose anything by installing it.


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