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Xender for iOS and Android – Say Goodbye to Operating System Limitations


The hardest part about buying a new smartphone is picking with which team to go with. We are talking about the Android and iOS camps that all smartphone fans are forced to pick between. Both operating systems offer a premium user experience and they have unique features that draw people in. On the downside of things, both operating systems have placed restrictions on their users so that they can’t interact with their friends or family members who might have picked the other camp.

Take for example how neither Google nor Apple is allowing their fans to share files from Android to iOS and vice versa. The only way that people can share files between Android and iOS devices is through third-party apps and luckily, here is where Xender comes in and saves the day.

Operating System Limitations

Even though Google and Apple have placed restrictions on their users when it comes to sharing files, Xender is here to make them disappear. The developers of Xender know that some people need to share important files with their friends and coworkers and this is why Xender can take down any operating system limitations and share files between Android and iOS.

Guaranteed Security

As we previously mentioned, Xender is being used to send important files and the reason behind this is that Xender offers a top-notch security system. Xender guarantees that no third-party entities will be able to intercept the files that users are sending and this makes it a “must-have” app on both Android and iOS.

Wrappings Things Up…

Xender is a powerful app that will make file sharing much easier. Not just that, but Xender uses the NFC chip that smartphones ship with and this makes it possible for the app top share files at faster speeds than the speeds that other similar apps have to offer.


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