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Xender 4.0.0717 Update Optimizes the UI for a Better User Experience


If you are looking for an app that can make file sharing a smooth experience, then we think that Xender might be just what you need. Xender is an Android app that helps users share files with their friends.

The best thing about Xender is the fact that it can share any type of files and that it removes all operating system restrictions! However, the reason why Xender is making headlines today is because a brand-new APK update has just arrived.

Xender 4.0.0717 Update

Even though Xender is free to download, the app still has a big team of developers who support it. Therefore, Xender is constantly receiving new updates that introduce new features, minor tweaks and bug fixes that are focused on improving the app’s overall performance.

With that being said, Xender fans should be happy to know that this latest APK update comes with a bunch of software tweaks that optimize the UI (user interface) in order to make it feel more intuitive. Not just that, but the update also contains bug fixes that take care of known issues.

Android Package Kit

As previously mentioned, the new update is available in the form of APK. For those who don’t know, people who wish to download APK updates need to do it manually. Therefore, the new 4.0.0717 update has yet to roll out OTA (over the air) and only eager Xender users can get it.

We should also mention that in order for a smartphone to be eligible to install an APK update, users will need to enable the “Unknown Sources” feature which can be found in the Settings panel.

Sharing Files

While there might be many apps that can help people share files, they all pale in comparison with Xender. This app is packed with lots of cool features that make file sharing easier such as sending fully installed apps and private information like contact information in a matter of seconds.


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