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Xender 4.0.0622 APK Update Adds Support for Jio Phone


Xender is a free to use app that has been downloaded by more than one million users. The fact that so many people are using Xender speaks volumes about the services that it offers. Nonetheless, Xender is an Android app that excels at sharing files and the reason we are talking about it today is because it just received a brand-new update.

Xender 4.0.0622 APK Update

The new update sports the “4.0.0622” version number and it’s available in the form of APK. We need to mention that the folks who are in charge of Xender are constantly releasing new updates and this shows us that despite being free to use, Xender is a premium-level app. With that said, let’s check out what new features this latest update brings.

Added Support for Jio Phone

People who own devices made by Jio Phone should be happy to know that Xender’s latest update is adding support for them. The patch notes for the Xender new update are saying that the app will be able to connect with Jio Phone and that users will be able to open a video guide on how to connect Jio Phone to Xender and benefit from the features that it has to offer.

Software Tweaks and Bug Fixes

The developers didn’t launch the new update just to include support for Jio Phone because they also added a bunch of software tweaks and bug fixes. The patch notes are showing that the connection process between Xender and Android-powered smartphones has been optimized to be faster.

In addition, Xender’s developers have also included a handful of bug fixes that take care of some known issues. Therefore, Xender’s overall stability has been improved, and the file sharing app will run faster than ever.