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Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro – The Battle Of The Gaming Consoles


The never ending war between the two great game consoles is far from being over. When a company releases a never seen before the product, the other company (only shortly after) manages to surprise everyone with new features. This is how Microsoft and Sony keep competing against each other. The ones who are always happy are the customers that have plenty of choices.

At the moment, PS 4 Pro is the most powerful game console on the market, but after the release of the Xbox One X, on November the 7th, things will change and Microsoft will be occupying the first position.


It appears that Xbox One X is actually a pro when it comes to technical stuff. As opposed to PS4 Pro, which has 4.5 teraflops of graphic power, Xbox One X has 6 teraflops. Microsoft’s console has a better RAM memory (12GB GDDR5) while Sony’s PS4 Pro has only half of it (8GB). Both Xbox One X and PS4 Pro have 1TB of internal storage but the Xbox One X has an octa-core whereas PS4 Pro runs with a quad core.

4K Feature

Both game consoles have an HDR feature but the difference is made by the number of fps. While PS4 Pro offers a 4K experience at 30 fps, Xbox One X will make it better and announced that it will run at 60 fps; this being one of the things that impressed the console gamers.


The price has always been a plus when customers picked PS4. Maybe Microsoft’s product is better, but PS4 Pro costs only a little below 400$, whereas Xbox One X is 100$ more expensive. Sony is also thinking about make it even less difficult to choose, namely, they might lower the price with another 100$.

After all, it’s only a matter of taste in game consoles.