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Xbox One Summer Update with significant changes


Recently, Microsoft started releasing the Xbox One Summer Update. It is a great update that brings significant changes. One of them is the fact that it brings up the Cortana assistant. It also introduced background music and many other interesting things.

Almost all the features that you could see in the Preview are now present on the newest update. However, the team added some completely new ones, to many people’s surprise. For instance, the Language Region Independence and the availability of the Xbox app for Android and iOS. However, regarding the previously mentioned feature that enables background music, you have to know that this applies only to the Pandora app. Microsoft is expected to introduce it to other apps soon.

Cortana can now be used on Xbox One in UK and US. This means that you can use voice commands for Xbox, and it is also more accurate when it comes to more commands and natural language or dictation. You can also use Kinect or a headset and it’s helpful for finding new games, connecting with your friends or starting a party. Moreover, you can turn on the Xbox through Kinect and many other great features.

The Game Collection feature has also been improved. The interface is easier than ever to use and it also works faster when it comes to finding a game or launching it. You can now organize your Game Collection better and easier. Also, you can access faster the tab with “Ready to Install”, update the games and apps and find out more about new games.

Last but not least, they made an update regarding the merge between Xbox and Windows Store. This means that you will be able to have a more homogeneous experience on more devices, which is great.


  1. Loving the update but my god was I glad to see the facelift to the Games&Apps section when it was introduced in the preview. Loving most of the direction that the X1 updates are going. Keep up the work MS.

  2. A lil bit off but did anyone get an increase in their tenure? Mine got a year added. Makes me think if their are counting silver account time spent.

  3. Yeah same here, mine had just went up to 8 about a month or 2 ago and now it’s at 9cant believe I had a year of silver!

  4. It was the other way around. Change region to access feature unavailable in your region and/or buy games instead of changing language and leaving region untouched.

  5. The background music thing cracks me up. Just another example of something we had gotten use to and love…and Microsoft took away. But at least this time it came back.

  6. Love the update it seems strange using Cortana and quite amusing when you say hey Cortana and Xbox,phone and tablet all answer at once. The store layout is better and i like the games and apps section it’s much more fluid to use.

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