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Xbox One News: Overlord and Overlord II Arrive through Backward Compatibility


One of the best things about owning an Xbox One is the fact that Microsoft makes sure you will get access to a wide range of games and we are not talking only about new releases. Microsoft launched the Backwards Compatibility program a couple of years ago and it keeps introducing Xbox 360  games that can be played on Xbox One systems every month and two new titles have just arrived!

Backward Compatibility Receives Two New Titles

Major Nelson is the Director of Programming at Microsoft and he just announced over Twitter that Xbox One fans will be able to play two new fantasy games. The two games are Overlord and Overlord II. Both games are renowned for their fantastic RPG setting and real-time time strategy game mechanics which gives players all the necessary tools they need to create complex strategies in order to defeat their foes.

Overlord and Overlord II

Xbox One fans will be able to recruit armies of imp minions and use them to rebuild the dark kingdom. Just like the game title implies, players will become an Overlord and rule over their lands with an iron fist.

How to Play the New Games

People who still own the original Overlord and Overlord II physical copies can simply place the discs into their Xbox One system and the game will start playing. On the other hand, people who do not own the discs can purchase the games from the Microsoft Store at the price of $10 and $14.95 each.

We should also mention that players will be able to play the games right after hitting the “Install” button because Microsoft recently introduced a new “FastStart” feature that makes it possible for players to enjoy the game while its installing.