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Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Program Receives Three New Games


Xbox One fans should be happy to know that three new games are being added to the backwards compatibility program. This program is one of the best things that Microsoft has ever done because it allows Xbox One players to play Xbox 360 games on their new consoles. Nonetheless, Microsoft has added almost 500 games to the backwards compatibility program until now and the number keeps growing.

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Program

If you ever feel nostalgic about a game that you used to love playing on Xbox 360 and still have the physical disk, then you can simply put the disk into Xbox One and the game will run without any issues. The best thing about this is that Xbox One fans don’t need to pay any fees in order to play older games, which is something PlayStation 4 fans are forced to do.

Price of Persia

There are many iconic Xbox 360 games and Prince of Persia is one of them. This game features an immersive story that follows a Prince who needs to fight his way through monsters and enemies in order to save his loved ones. Nonetheless, players will get to have lots of fun because the game’s protagonist is very acrobatic and he can run on walls.

Earth Defense Force 2025

While the previous game was set in the ancient world of Persia, this one takes players to the future. Xbox One fans who choose to give Earth Defense Force 2025 a try will need to fight off an alien invasion and destroy their mothership.

Sine Mora

Sine Mora is classified as a “shoot’em up” game where players need to fight hordes of enemies. The cool thing about Sine Mora is the fact that it features cool graphics and an immersive Story mode.


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