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Xbox Marketing Boss Shares Opinion on Fortnite


This year has been an amazing one for Epic Games. This game developer launched Fortnite which became the world’s most played Battle Royale and thus, Epic Games generated millions in revenue by selling cosmetic skins. However, what no one expected was for Fortnite to become so popular that it keeps players away from other games. In fact, media outlets are categorizing Fortnite as a “cultural phenomenon” instead of a popular game and this lives to show us just how much impact Fortnite has had on the culture.

Although, the fact that Fortnite is keeping players away from other games might make it seem like game developers are finding it difficult to compete against Fortnite. Well, it seems like this is not the case, or at least this is what Xbox Marketing boss Aaron Greenberg had to say in a recent interview.

Xbox Responds to Fortnite

As previously mentioned, Fortnite is making it harder for other game developers to compete, but Aaron Greenberg believes that Fortnite’s growth in popularity is actually a good thing.

“We were watching for the impact: is this going to impact our other third-party partners? And we largely haven’t seen that. For the large part Fortnite seems to have been additive; it has definitely grown gaming. It’s a game that has brought a lot more people into gaming, and then the people that came in went and spent more time playing games” stated Aaron Greenberg in a recent interview with MCV UK.

Fortnite is Helping the Gaming Industry

From the looks of it, the Xbox Marketing boss believes that Fortnite is helping the gaming industry as a whole. Even though people are currently focusing on Fortnite, Fortnite shows them just how fun playing games on platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC can be.


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