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Xbox Insider Update Introduces Support for Alexa and Cortana


Back in 2013 when Microsoft launched the original Xbox One, one of the console’s key selling features was the fact that it arrived with support for the voice-assisted Kinect camera. This feature made it possible for Xbox One fans to control their console through voice commands which made Xbox One feel futuristic and awesome.

On the downside of thing, bundling Xbox One with a Kinect camera forced Microsoft to charge a premium for Xbox One which made it more difficult to compete against Sony’s PlayStation 4. Therefore, Microsoft decided to drop the Kinect camera and to stop bundling Xbox One with it.

Cortana and Alexa Speakers

Now that the Kinect camera is not being shipped alongside Xbox One anymore, the one thing that everyone misses is the ability to give vocal commands to the console. Fortunately, Microsoft has announced that Xbox One fans will be getting access to similar functionality features by adding support for the Alexa and Cortana speakers.

Microsoft announced that devices which ship with Amazon Alexa and Cortana like the Harman/Kardon Invoke and Amazon Echo, for example, are going to be able to send vocal commands to Xbox One.

However, this feature is currently being rolled out only to Xbox Insiders who are US residents and every other Xbox One fan will need to wait a couple more months until this feature becomes available to them as well.

Giving Xbox One Vocal Commands

We think it’s safe to say that Microsoft is taking Xbox One into the right direction. Gamers will now be able to give vocal commands to their console directly through Amazon Alexa or Cortana devices which will make it easier for them to launch games, apps, control media volume, Start/Stop Mixer Broadcasts and capture screenshots and record videos.