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Xbox Adaptive Controller for Gamers with Disabilities is Now on Sale


There are many reasons to buy an Xbox One instead of PS4, but one of the most important ones is the fact that Microsoft listens to its fan feedback. Microsoft is always reading feedback from fans and providing them with updates that contain features which fans think can be useful. However, this doesn’t end at software updates since Microsoft has also designed a special Xbox Adaptive Controller that is created for gamers with disabilities.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Microsoft announced the Xbox Adaptive Controller back in May and the innovative device is now available on sale for $99.99. The cool thing about this controller is not only that it has been designed for gamers with mobility disabilities, but also that Microsoft’s designers have created it while working with people who suffer from mobility issues.

Microsoft has also teamed up with partners from numerous organizations such as AbleGamers Charity, Special Effect, Warfighter Engaged and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. This shows us that Microsoft is more than a simple company looking to make a profit and that it wants everyone to enjoy a premium Xbox gaming experience.

Long Time in the Making

What’s interesting is that Microsoft has been struggling to create the Xbox Adaptive Controller for a couple of years now. Microsoft came up with the original idea to help disabled gamers get a premium Xbox gaming experience back in 2014 and the company’s engineers have been working on Xbox Adaptive Controller ever since.

Luckily, the device is now available for purchase and it’s making the lives of people with serious health problems way better. Nonetheless, Microsoft describes Xbox Adaptive Controller as: “the first adaptive controller designed and manufactured at large-scale by a leading company, it represents a landmark moment in videogame play, and demonstrates how design can be harnessed to encourage inclusively and access”.