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WPA3, The New And Updated Standard For Wi-Fi Connectivity, Officially Rolled Out


After a long wait, with a significant vulnerability in the WPA2 standard in between, comes the new standard of Wi-Fi connectivity – the WPA3. The Wi-Fi Alliance has been charged with making it official, 14 years after the last security standard rolled out.

This new standard is designed to mitigate many of the vulnerabilities that have appeared while further strengthening the security level of the Wi-Fi connection.

One of the most noteworthy changes is that it brings individualized data encryption that must protect your data against eavesdropping from the Wi-Fi network.

You’ll also get logins based on harder passwords through Simultaneous Authentication of Equals, a key establishment protocol that reduces the chances of someone else getting your password, as long as it’s not a very simple password.

This new WPA3 standard will also have a professional grade – the WPA3-Enterprise

The WPA3-Enterprise will provide equivalent 192-bit encryption that will strengthen security by making it difficult for secure data to be extracted. But if you want to make it easier for you to set up, Easy Connect makes it straightforward to use your phone to set up your Wi-Fi network on any other devices.

Moving up from WPA2 to the new WPA3 won’t be an easy process

The new standard has many features and new security guidelines to follow, so you can’t go from WPA2 to WPA3 so smoothly.

This task is in the hands of GSM companies and router manufacturers who will be responsible for providing patches that include this support for WPA3. Since this is an expensive and, by all means, a complicated task, for now, we will not see it implemented anytime soon.

Most likely, we will begin to see WPA3 in future routers that companies will install along with companies that manufacture routers that already start using the default WPA3 standard.

In conclusion, WPA2 still has a long life ahead of it and can coexist with WPA3 without problems.