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World of Ether Updates; Premiering Their First Public Footage


World of Ether just announced that they will be showing footage of the game for the first time. This is long awaited as can be seen in their Telegram, with fans rejoicing at the news.

The game will be displayed at ConsenSys’s annual conference, Ethereal Summit, in New York City. The conference’s keynote speaker is Joe Lubin, one of the founders of the Ethereum blockchain. The conference is from May 11-12, and World of Ether presents on the 12th.

No further details have been provided yet. There are no details on what the demo will look like and what will be shown.

Crypto gaming is now the hottest thing on the block

World of Ether is part of a new vertical within blockchain and distributed ledger technology. This vertical, Crypto Gaming, is now seeing a ton of hype.

Over $175,000,000 has been transacted within these games since January, and there’s an estimated over 2 million total players in the crypto gaming space.

These games are starting to reach mainstream, as Stephen Curry just signed a deal to release his own CryptoKitty on the first major blockchain game, CryptoKitties.

About World of Ether

In World of Ether, players battle, breed, and sire monsters on the Ethereum blockchain. Monsters can be sold and sired for ETH and battled to increase levels, which gives the ability to breed more powerful and rare monsters.

The game is founded by a CoFounder of the largest Ethereum group in the world and his brother, who’s a senior developer at GitHub.

Though we don’t yet know what will be provided at Ethereal, we have previously reported on the excitement surrounding the Alpha version which was just released. Next will be the Public Bug Bounty, then Beta, and then launch.