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World of Ether Reveals First Gameplay. Spoiler- It’s Beautiful.


After months of waiting for a substantial update, World of Ether blows away the crypto gaming space with reveal of their in-game footage.

The long awaited video starts with the World of Ether team. We see them introduced and then they go to Ethereal Summit, where they’re giving their presentation.

The presentation begins. The speaker talks about the advantages of crypto gaming.

The demo begins. We see inventory, collection, breeding, and battling. There’s still a lot of mystery as there are icons and screens that are left not talked about.

When the demo is over, the game creator closes things out.

New to World of Ether?

The game is right now being tested on Rinkeby Test Net and World of Ether is still selling presale assets. The World of Ether presale asset are eggs” which hatch into monsters. Thousands of these eggs have been sold so far, with some of the buyers being well known figures in the crypto space.

Because of the presale dynamic (in which egg prices rise by .00035 ETH after each purchase of an egg) the current egg price, which started at 0 ETH, is now up to 0.70805 ETH.

On launch of Main Net, these eggs become even more expensive, increasing by 15% to ensure that new players are buying monsters from existing players (early adopters, for example). Somebody has already bought $40,000 of these eggs.

What can you do with these monsters? You can breed them to make more, battle them to increase your level, and sell and sire them for real ETH. You can make real money in this collectible dueling game by getting more powerful and rare monsters. Higher level players have access to breeding these strong monsters.

There has been no news about the possibility of a token sale or investment.

True decentralization

CryptoKitties was able to devalue its Generation Zero kitties by releasing many new ones into its market. The World of Ether development team will not be able to flood the market with new valuable monsters.

Supply and demand is the pure dictator of value in the WoE marketplace.

Additionally, smart contracts will not be able to be altered upon full release of the game. The game is promised to be decentralized across all of the Ethereum network’s nodes.

Watch the video

Now watch the footage and decide for yourself.

You can watch here: https://youtu.be/9j2VMpPZzA4