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Windows 10 Mobile Update Coming OTA for Older Lumia Phone Users Tomorrow


Microsoft has been a company which has been coming out with a large number of updates and upgrades for their users over the past several years.

The company started their mainstream venture of hardware technology after they took over Nokia’s mobile phone business, and they started off their own mobile phones business under the name Microsoft Mobiles.

The Microsoft Mobiles division, however failed in the markets, and they have ever since been struggling in the markets to survive.

The company has been trying hard to retain audiences, let alone gain new audiences. This is evident from the fact that the company has, over the past one year, lost out over 50% of their existing market share.

The company has been in shambles, and the one thing that they have been trying to do, which comes as one of their best moves to retain existing users, is the release of the Windows 10 Mobile OS update.

The Windows 10 Mobile update has been rumored time and again, and has never actually rolled out. As of this moment, only three devices released by Microsoft Mobiles are capable of running the Windows 10 Mobile OS – the Lumia 950 (and 950 XL), Lumia 550 and Lumia 650. Microsoft has been working hard on the new updates and upgrades, and it is now being anticipated that these updates will finally be coming OTA for the users as early as tomorrow, the 17th of March.


The rumor comes via Chinese website, IThome, which shows a leaked document (as seen above). The document also tells about the devices which will be getting this update and a number of older Lumia phones are finally about to get this update. The devices are Lumia 535, 636, 638, 640, 640 XL, 830, 930 and 1520.

However, this is to be treated as the ‘first wave’ of updates, and more devices are expected to get the Windows 10 Mobile OS update in the days to follow.

Windows Insiders too, are expected to get a special new update, and they have been alerted via a message which reads:

“We have an exciting update coming soon to insider builds, including an improved drive mode. We will also be addressing other top feedback I have been collecting from you guys as well as the Windows Feedback app in this update and in updates to come. Stay tuned!” the message reads.

As of now we advise the users to take the news regarding tomorrow’s update with a pinch of salt as there have been several such unconfirmed news rumors in the past. However, the Windows 10 Mobile update is expected to release in a week or two at the most.