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WhatsApp Vulnerability Leaves Users With No Solution For Blocking Annoying Contacts


Unfortunately, a very important WhatsApp vulnerability has just been discovered within the app and it leaves you with no solution against the blocked contacts which will still be able to send you messages.

WhatsApp is one of the most important global cross-platform chat platforms. Unfortunately, this detail is far from convincing us that WhatsApp is the perfect app.

Taking into account the huge number of updates that WhatsApp enjoys, you would be tempted to think there are no bugs, errors, or security flaws. But the recent security issues both visible and under the hood, reveals that WhatsApp is still vulnerable despite frequent updates.

In theory, if you choose to block a person on WhatsApp, you will never receive a message from that person. For some time, however, that filter does not work and was accidentally reduced to zero by the US devs.

If you block a contact that’s annoying you, you do so because you don’t want to hear anything anymore from that contact. However, the latest version of WhatsApp cancels this feature.

The people you’ve blocked will still be able to send you airmail messages after they’ve been banned. In addition, they will be able to see your status and profile picture.

WhatsApp vulnerability affects both iOS and Android versions of the app

The new WhatsApp vulnerability affects a very large number of users, and it is also cross-platform. This means that it has a similar effect on both Android and iPhone devices.

Everyone is affected but the good part is that WhatsApp’s devs have learned about this issue and will attempt to fix it shortly with a WhatsApp update.

Until then, you should unblock a contact that you’ve blocked before, and, soon afterward, block it again. After fulfilling this procedure, the WhatsApp blocking contacts feature should work as before.