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WhatsApp Night-Mode And Private Chats Will Soon Be Implemented, According To Some Rumors


WhatsApp instant messaging application is one of the most widely used worldwide and has become a must-have on any smartphone. But like everything else, the Whatsapp also evolves, with ups and downs, as it is normal to be. WhatsApp has decided to put an end to one of the least used utilities, audio recording, and to add private chats encrypted with a password. Even more, a WhatsApp night-mode theme is also rumored.

As we speak, WhatsApp is the most appreciated instant messaging app and is rated with 4.4 stars out of 5 from about 68 million reviews on Google Play Store, while on iOS, WhatsApp got 4.7 stars out of 5 from about 2 million reviews.

However, for keeping up with users’ demands and with other apps online, WhatsApp has to frequently update. Therefore, WhatsApp Messenger is said to get private chats function and a night-mode theme to be used in dark conditions, similar to what has already been implemented on Twitter or YouTube, among other apps and sites.

Private chats in WhatsApp

According to some sources, the developers have almost completed a version of WhatsApp that will allow users to encrypt certain conversations with a password.

Now, users will be able to encrypt their chats easily by simply setting up a password to access these private chats in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp night-mode theme

In addition, many people point out that Whatsapp could join Twitter and start changing the tones of the screen at night, using dark colors so that you have to strain your eyes lesser than usual.

Also, remember that experts recommend us to not use our mobile phone and electronics for at least an hour before bedtime. A chimera that, for work or family reasons, very few of us respects on a daily basis.

This new WhatsApp night-mode theme is similar to the dark theme modes we already see on YouTube, Twitter, and other similar apps and sites.