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WhatsApp Is Testing A New Feature To Protect Its Users Against Spams And Malicious Links


WhatsApp is working on an exciting new feature not known so far. New information suggests that WhatsApp will protect users from malicious links that might come through conversations.

In other words, WhatsApp would punch the table to fight all those spams and malicious links that are intended to defraud users through the app.

This novelty is not yet available in the final WhatsApp version

The new feature has been implemented in a beta version of WhatsApp in a hidden way. It is a test utility and is therefore not expected to be released anytime soon, so you will have to wait to enjoy protection against virus links.

WhatsApp will alert you about spams and malicious links

If WhatsApp has anything meaningful to worry about, it’s the numerous hoaxes and scams that circulate through its instant messaging platform.

The app wants to tackle this issue, and the before-mentioned feature can be an essential first step. The new function will be called “suspicious link detection” and will protect users from malicious links in WhatsApp conversations.

Its operation, as it seems, will be straightforward. If WhatsApp detects that a URL that comes to you as a message is suspected of being infected, a flashy red warning message will appear informing you of this fact.

What’s more, if you ignore it and decide to enter that suspicious link, WhatsApp will warn you again that the link could be malicious and will give you more information about what it may contain, giving you the possibility of not opening it.

The detection of links with viruses applies to both messages you receive and those that you may send by mistake.

That is undoubtedly a significant step forward in the fight against the frauds that are circulating on WhatsApp. At the moment, WhatsApp malicious links detection feature is under development, so is not known when it will arrive in the final WhatsApp version.