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WhatsApp Co-Founder Jan Koum To Leave The Company Due To Facebook’s Latest Plans With WhatsApp Messenger


WhatsApp, the biggest messaging platform, at the moment, will experience a huge administrative change, as it has been announced earlier. More specifically, the WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum said he would leave the company without giving any official explanations of his decision but, apparently, he disagrees with the recent demands from Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp since 2014, which would like to get the phone numbers of WhatsApp’s users.

WhatsApp is a very popular and appreciated service but, despite this, Facebook seems to want to spoil it at any cost. In consequence, the platform’s co-founder doesn’t want to take part in this process.

Jan Koum plans to focus more on its rare Porsche collection, and since he is a billionaire he will definitely have everything he needs to turn his head away from what Facebook will do with WhatsApp.

Facebook wants to lower WhatsApp encryption to get access to WhatsApp users’ phone numbers

WhatsApp was created as an application with a great respect for its users’ private data, the platform encrypting all the messages. However, Facebook thinks differently and wants to use those users’ private data and to significantly reduce the WhatsApp’s encryption system, despite that Zuckerberg’s company has been involved in the scandal around Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook has been trying for some time to gain access to WhatsApp users’ phone numbers but the team behind the messenger doesn’t want to provide this pieces of information which would allow Facebook to link WhatsApp users’ accounts to Facebook accounts.

As a consequence of the increasing pressure coming from Facebook, some of the developers who actively worked to create the platform, including the app’s co-founder Jan Koum, are demoralized and plan to leave in November this year.

WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook about 4 years ago with $19 billion and now it looks like it wants to use the most appreciated messenger on Android and iOS in its own interest, a fact which will lead to the departure of some of the founders and developers of the app, including Jan Koum.