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WhatsApp Calling Gets Updated For Windows 10 Mobile Users


The Windows 10 Mobile OS has been one of the latest names when it comes to mobile based Operating Systems.

The Windows 10 Mobile OS users have a very limited choice when it comes to the applications, and most major apps are currently either working on a new update and have announced it, or have outright declined to have their apps released for the OS.

The latest name that has released an update for their Windows 10 Mobile app has been that of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp comes in as the single largest name in the world of communication technology, and brings in many updates and updates for their users from time to time.

Though the WhatsApp Windows 10 app has been there for quite a while, the application is yet to receive a major update which makes it truly compatible with the Window 10 Mobile OS. However, the company is indeed working in that direction.

WhatsApp Calling for the Windows 10 Mobile devices has now been updated with this new update. The company has changed many things internally, and the data consumption has been greatly reduced while making a call on WhatsApp from Windows 10 devices.

The company’s latest update has also brought out improvements in call quality and has reduced the lags. One of the biggest complains that the users had with the WhatsApp application was that the data consumption was too high when the users used it over 4G LTE data. The company has been working on the updates and has now reduced that.

Another update for the windows 10 mobile users of WhatsApp has now made the profile screen more compact and more android-like. Several features have been clubbed together and it now looks much neater and cleaner than ever before.

In another update, which comes out for all Windows Phone users in general, the company has now added document sharing support for the users of WhatsApp. In their latest update before this one, the company added a document icon in the document sharing option. We covered this story earlier, and you can read it in full HERE.

Document sharing on WhatsApp, as of now is limited to only PDF files, but more features are soon expected to be added to the devices in the days to follow.