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WhatsApp Business Will Start Charging Companies (Facebook’s Desperate Attempt to Generate Revenue)


WhatsApp recently announced that it wants to expand the uses of the app by making it more suitable for businesses. There is already a special WhatsApp Business version, but the developers have decided that time has come for the app to generate revenue. Therefore, companies that choose to conduct their marketing campaigns and customer service on WhatsApp will need to pay.

WhatsApp Starts Charging Businesses

Even though WhatsApp is renowned for being free to use, this is not the case for businesses! The chatting app will start charging companies between half a penny and nine cents for all messages that are delivered to a potential customer.

Moreover, WhatsApp will provide businesses with real-time customer service and important information like shipping confirmation for example which is going to make paying between half a penny and nine cents worth it.

Launching Ads

Another way that WhatsApp is going to generate revenue is by launching ads. The interesting thing about these WhatsApp ads is that they will not spam users, and they will be placed in the “Status” feature. If this sounds familiar, it’s because Instagram is already doing the same thing.

Facebook is Losing Popularity

For those who don’t know, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Reports are showing that Facebook’s popularity is declining among teenagers and it seems like Facebook needs to start generating revenue through WhatsApp in order to remain in the green when it comes to profits.

Another reason why Facebook is feeling forced to start monetizing WhatsApp is the fact that Facebook’s quarterly earnings in 2018 are lower than expected. Therefore, Facebook’s stock dropped in value.

WhatsApp Co-Founder Leaves the Company

Jan Koum is WhatsApp’s co-founder and he left the company back in April. The co-founder said that Facebook wants to use WhatsApp’s personal data and weaken its encryption and that this is the reason he left the company. From the looks of it, WhatsApp is turning into Facebook.


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