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What is EC-Council CEH Certification All About?


Nowadays, it is common to come across news regarding data breach – from credit card information to insurance records and even to government private details. Amidst great efforts poured in securing one’s private information, there are still shrewd computer-savvy who can successfully access one’s computer system unauthorized. Hence, the services of professional individuals that can counter these attacks are in-demand.

Ethical hacking is a booming industry since most companies, especially the financial services sectors, and government sectors need ethical hackers to improve their cybersecurity. Moreover, ethical hackers are also sought by companies specializing in security compliance and testing to investigate cases of data breaches in their system by performing penetration techniques as well as requesting reports on the root cause, findings, and recommendation for mitigations.


Last 2003, E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) founded Certified Ethical Hacker certification (CEH) with the aim of training information security professionals in legally penetrating computer systems. CEH certification validates the essential knowledge and skills of professionals in preventing cyberwar. It certifies the capacity of individuals in identifying vulnerabilities and security threats in various target systems as well as in securing computer systems through penetration testing techniques. Trained individuals handle attacks with ethical hacking countermeasures to prevent potential damage. Being in a specialized network security discipline of Ethical Hacking, EC-Council also ensures that the certified individuals remain impartial and vendor-neutral. This certification is a globally respected and baseline certification listed in the United States Department of Defense Directive 8570.

Certified ethical hackers not only understand the hacking technology but also internalize the ethical responsibilities it carries along with it. They can legitimately access and ensure the security of the information assets of various companies and government sectors against exploitation from malicious hackers. In addition, they can offer individual services to people encountering problems in recovering data, email, inaccessible documents, etc. With CEH credential, there is an increased awareness of ethical hacking as a self-regulating profession governed by certified information security specialists.

Examination Objectives

To get hold of this certification, EC-Council conducts a proctored CEH exam that lasts for a duration of four hours. This exam is a compliance of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 17024. It covers concepts on security modules such as hacking and vulnerability analysis, emerging attack vectors, malware analysis, hacking challenges, and hacking tools. The exam is composed of 125 items given in multiple choice format. As of April 2018, version 10 of the CEH exam has a code of 312-50. The blueprint of the exam is broken down into: 4% background (5 questions), 13% analysis / assessment (16 questions), 25% security (31 questions), 32% tools / systems / programs (40 questions), 20% procedures / methodology (25 questions), 4% regulation / policy (5 questions), and 2% ethics (3 questions).

Possible Candidates

CEH exam is designed forsite administrators, auditors, security professionals, as well as those who have experience in network infrastructure. For you to be eligible in taking the exam, candidates must undertake CEH certification training or else must have a minimum of two years working experience in any security-related organization. Moreover, you must present a CEH exam eligibility application and procure an authorization from EC-Council. The exam voucher can then be purchased from EC-Council Online Store or any authorized training channels as soon as your application is approved. EC-Council also provide special accommodation as per request of individuals with disabilities.

Exam Preparation

Managers hiring jobs often prefer those skilled and knowledgeable individuals that are backed up with certification. Hence, being a certified ethical hacker is your edge. However, you must remember that being a certified ethical hacker is not an easy feat. This profession takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Prepare for the exam thoroughly and get hold of the best resources that will increase your chances of passing the exam.

EC-Council provides instructional materials available online such as video lectures, instructor-led training, and self-study to help you in learning the ethical hacking technology. Further, you can also opt to have on-site training conducted by experienced EC-Council trainers. Hands-on training is especially advised for those candidates who have not successfully passed the exam. The courseware and study materials from EC-Council include several concepts, techniques, and tools regarding the subject matter that will surely enrich one’s skills and knowledge. The learning materials, however, are independently developed from the content of the exam.

In preparing for the exam, be sure to study CEH exam blueprint as it contains essential CEH documents i.e. handbook, blueprint, eligibility criteria, exam details, and outline. Be familiar with the exam structure, content, and type to learn effectively. Always practice answering as many tests as you could until you feel confident and take note of your progress. You can also explore on the internet and look for blogs and forums where previous candidates share their CEH exam experiences. Look for more tips and insights in CEH communities such as Techexams CEH forum, CCCure forum, and Break the Security community.

Candidates taking CEH exam should use as much prep materials as possible. From guide books, brain dumps to training courses. All that will help you to prepare for the exam efficiently. One point you should take into consideration is to find the actual material. Be careful and use only trusted websites. First of all, the find the materials on the official website of the vendor. Then, communicate with people who have already passed the exam. Practice tests are available wildly on the internet, among the most trusted websites are ExamCollection, ExamSnap, Braindumps etc. Use tips which can ease your preparation as well.

Exam Completion

There is no set passing score or percentage for CEH exam since the number of items to be answered correctly differ depending on the difficulty of questions. The sum of the points earned is compared to the cut score to determine if you pass or fail. The results are available within a few minutes after finishing the examination. Individuals who have passed the examination are granted Certified Ethical Hacker certification, which is valid for three years. For those candidates who failed CEH exam, they have the option to retake by purchasing a retake exam voucher.

In Conclusion

The significance of IT professionals who can counter these virtual attacks is downright massive. Hence, a certification like EC- Council CEH is very important in the present generation. This reputable validation not only assist businesses but also the safety and welfare of the people.


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