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WatchOS 5 Retired By Apple Due To Issues With The Update Package


WatchOS 5 is the new version of the Apple operating system for Apple Watch smartwatches and was presented at the opening conference of WWDC 2018 along with iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. You can read our coverage on the new WatchOS announcement here.

In short, the new WatchOS 5 operating system for Apple Watch smartwatches is focusing on improving fitness and health features, comes with new applications such as the walkie-talkie function, and also packs new features such as the integration of third-party apps.

watchOS 5 will be the pre-installed version of the new Apple Watch models but will also update all the other series excepting the 1st-gen Apple Watch, apparently.

Apple retired the WatchOS 5 version due to issues upon updating

The problem is that the published update is causing various problems on the devices and Apple has decided to remove it while investigating these errors, which affect the installation process and others.

Please note that the published version of this watchOS 5 is still in beta phase and the final version (considered stable) will not be available until at least September.

Unfortunately, these bugs have become a common element in software distribution and not even Apple is able to avoid them.

The latest example in this regard is Microsoft with its Windows 10 April 2018 update which has disappointed many Windows 10 users who experienced several problems during the update and even after that. And we’re talking here about a final and “stable” version.

The same appears to be the issue with the new WatchOS 5 update released by Apple in its beta version.

If you have an Apple Watch, be patient and keep the 4.3 version installed until the final WatchOS 5 version will be released by Apple in September. If you have already tried to upgrade and are having problems, the company recommends you to contact their technical support.