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WatchOS 5 Comes With Cool New Features But Is Not Compatible With 1st-Gen Apple Watch Models


One of the novelties the first day of WWDC 2018 has brought us was the announcement watchOS 5 which, unfortunately, will not be compatible with the first generation of Apple Watch, so these devices are left without official support 3 years after reaching the market.

In the last three years, it has been noted that technology has advanced pretty much, at least in the wearable industry, which has forced Apple to ditch the first-generation models. Accordingly, Apple announced that watchOS 5 will only be compatible with newer generations of Apple Watch devices.

WatchOS 5 will not be compatible with first-generation Apple Watch models

If you were one of the Apple fans who bought a gold edition of Apple Watch which costs more than $15,000, then you’ll have to use it as it is because the new watchOS 5 will not be compatible with first-generation Apple Watch models, regardless they’re made of gold or not.

Watch OS 5 brings new cool features

New exercises

During the WWDC 2018 keynote, held by Tim Cook, the upcoming watchOS 5 has been completely presented with all its new features and functions.

Among all the new features, two new exercises will be added to the physical activity monitoring app, namely, Yoga and Hiking.

This proves, however, that Apple is more and more focusing on fitness activity with its wearable devices.

Walkie-Talkie function

Another interesting new feature in WatchOS 5 is the implementation of the Walkie-Talkie function via which users can communicate with voice with only one tap.

WatchOS 5 replaces Student ID cards

Now, Apple Watch with WatchOS 5 will replate Student ID Cards and will offer the same functionalities, including access to dorms, libraries, dinners, and other facilities in the campus.

Enhanced notifications and Siri updates

Packed with machine learning, Siri on WatchOS 5 got better and offers predictive shortcuts based on users’ daily routines and accurate readings, as well as precise information on locations.

As for the enhanced notifications, on Watch OS 5, those coming from third-party apps will have interactive features so users can interact with those without opening the app.