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Warframe Is On Its Way To The Nintendo Switch


Warframe is currently being developed for Nintendo Switch by the studio behind the Switch ports of Doom, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, and Rocket League.

The development by studio Panic Button was announced at TennoCon which is the annual Warframe convention that’s held by the Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes.

Warframe boasts over 38 million registered players from all over the world.

The third person online action game allows players to use the Warframe armor as Tenno which is a race of ancient warriors awakened from centuries of cryosleep by the Lotus in order to restore the order in the Solar System.

Warframe is already available on PS4, Windows PC, and Xbox One, and it features over 35 Warframes, hundreds of weapons and thousands of customization options, the ability to upgrade weapons armor and items using a flexible mod system, and the ability to join clans, nurture pets, and explore massive new open worlds.

It’s not very clear just how much of the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as a port or when that version will arrive.

Working on another crucial port 

Adam Creighton the director of development and co-owner of the Panic Button said in an interview with Variety at E3 last month that the company has been working on another important port that’s expected to be revealed sometime this month.

He also said that Panic Button spent more time working on bringing big AAA titles from other platforms to the Switch than most.

He also added that his studio spent almost six years working with the Switch’s hardware.

“We’ve been working on the hardware for a long time, almost six years,” he told Variety in a recent interview. “That’s more than almost any third party.”

“We’re really pushing the engine forward and everything else,” Creighton said. “We’re trying to hold onto all of those visuals. We’re really proud of what we did.”