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VZ Games to Give Hash Rush Players $30,000 in Cryptocurrency Rewards During Upcoming Closed Beta


RIGA, Latvia, 27 August 2018 – VZ Games are now accepting signups for the closed beta of their upcoming real-time strategy title, Hash Rush.

The beta will be limited to 10,000 players and will run from late September until the game enters early access in December. As part of the testing process, $30,000 worth of the cryptocurrency Ethereum given away to players in the closed beta in order to allow VZ Games to test their reward pool of Ethereum payouts for top Hash Rush players.

“Hash Rush has been designed to be approachable by cryptocurrency newcomers,” says CEO & co-founder Kris Vaivods. “We see games as the perfect way to educate people about this new technology. No blockchain experience whatsoever is required to get playing, and as a result we see Hash Rush introducing a generation of gamers to the world of crypto.”

Hash Rush is a real-time strategy game that allows gamers to compete with each other for cryptocurrency and other rewards such as new skins and boosts. Players work to establish Crypto Crystal mining colonies on their planets where they can mine, complete quests or defeat enemies to gain more Crypto Crystals. In turn, they must defend their own Crypto Crystals from threats by building and strengthening their mining colonies. These colonies help players build wealth and progress up leader boards. Players can buy, sell and trade items using the in-game marketplace and RUSH Coin cryptocurrency.

“I’m really excited with our progress so far,” says Lead Game Designer Rob Nicholls. “Hash Rush has been going a mile a minute since I joined the project. I can’t wait for our closed beta with its $30,000 in cryptocurrency prizes so we can introduce more people to the world of Hash Rush.”

VZ Games plans to release Hash Rush on PC this December, with a mobile launch in 2019. Sign ups for the closed beta are at https://www.hashrush.com/.

For more information, contact info@hashrush.com


About Hash Rush

Latvian studio VZ Games is leading the way in video gaming and cryptocurrency mining integration with their flagship title Hash Rush, an upcoming free-to-earn PC and mobile title. The team brings together talent from the likes of Microsoft Games Studio, Ubisoft, CCP Games, NVIDIA and Xbox, bringing over 100 years combined industry experience. VZ Games is supported by VZ Mining, responsible for the cryptocurrency reward pool paid to players, and VZ Chains, developers of the RUSH Network – an Ethereum-based scaling solution that facilitates gasless transactions between players using a custom sidechain. Hash Rush was born on Ethereum but scales with the RUSH Network.


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