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VirtualLink Makes Huge Announcement – Next-Gen VR Headsets Will Feature a Single USB-C Connection Port


VR technology is taking over the world and there’s nothing that we can do about it! Everyone is always looking towards the “next big thing” and VR seems to be it. The reason we are saying this is because new VR products such as headsets keep coming up on the market and big-time companies like Samsung, HTC and Google are putting all their focus on catering to the VR market.

VirtualLink’s Huge Announcement

The interesting thing about VR technology is not only the cool, immersive and fun experiences that it offers but the fact that it keeps improving. In fact, VirtualLink which is a consortium of high-end tech companies (Oculus, Valve, AMD, Microsoft, and NVIDIA) has announced that the next-generation of VR headsets will no longer need bundles of cables in order to connect to a device.

USB-C Connection

VirtualLink announced that the next-generation VR headsets will not rely on oodles of cables for connections and instead, they will all ship with a single USB-C connection.

This will raise the industry standard in the VR market and it will help headsets deliver better performances than what they can do with the traditional HDMI and USB ports.

Expanding the VR Ecosystem

The biggest issue that the VR market has to deal with it is finding compatible devices. There aren’t that many VR dedicated PCs and the new USB-C connection is expected to change that.

There are lots of computers which support USB-C and the new VirtualLink standard will make it possible for smaller devices such as notebooks and tablets to connect with VR headsets.

Smart Move

We have to admit VirtualLink is taking the VR market in the right direction and that the addition of a single USB-C connection is a smart move. On the downside, we are going to have to wait until next year to see this next-generation VR headsets.


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