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VidMate Version 3.31 APK Download Enhances the Free Videos Feature and Important Bug Fixes


Everyone who loves watching online videos should consider downloading VidMate on their smartphone. The reason we are saying this is because VidMate is a highly powerful Android and PC application that enables users to download videos for offline viewing.

Unlike other video download tools, VidMate doesn’t limit itself to YouTube and it’s also capable of downloading movies, TV Shows and so much more. Things get even better for VidMate users since the app can also be used to download music videos and convert them into mp3 format.

VidMate Version 3.31 APK

The latest version of VidMate is 3.31 and the APK (Android Package Kit) update can be downloaded right now. The update weighs in at 6.86MB and it requires a minimum of Android 2.2 Froyo in order to function. This means that VidMate is going to run perfectly on older and lower-end smartphones as well.

New Features

This new VidMate update is focused on improving the app’s Free Video feature. The feature has been optimized so that it never consumes any mobile data. Therefore, VidMate users are now able to enjoy Free Videos with 0 data cost.

Bug Fixes

Even though VidMate is an all-round premium app, it still has its fair share of issues. For example, numerous users were complaining that VidMate sometimes crashes without any reason. The fact that this is happening randomly is making the situation worse since users never know when their downloads might be interrupted.

Fortunately, the developers behind VidMate are always paying close attention to the customer feedback they are receiving, and they publish bug fixes which fix this type of errors. With that said, VidMate users should be happy to know that this new update removes all the annoying bugs which were causing the app to crash before.