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VidMate Tips and Tricks That Change Everything


VidMate is the perfect app for people who want to lower how much mobile data they use every month. Mobile data can be quite expensive and unfortunately, people need to use it if they want to keep themselves entertained during long and boring trips. Watching online videos is everyone’s favorite thing to do on smartphones, but it can’t be done without internet.

Mobile Entertainment

Talking about mobile entertainment, there’s no better way to pass free time than to watch some interesting or funny internet videos. Thousands of videos are being uploaded daily on all popular streaming platforms and this is what makes VidMate an endless source of entertainment.

If we were to sum VidMate’s features in one sentence, it would have to be that its able to download all sorts of online videos in a matter of seconds. The app has been optimized to support every streaming platform in the world and to download videos from them without any issues.

With that being said, today we are going to present readers with some cool VidMate tips and tricks that are going to make their user experience better.

Video Quality Options

The first tip we have for VidMate users is related to saving storage space. VidMate gives users the option to choose what type of video quality they want and obviously, the better the video quality the bigger the size it occupies.

Therefore, VidMate users can choose a lower quality such as 480p when they are downloading videos and this will help them save some of that precious internal storage space. This tip will come in quite handy for people who own older smartphones which don’t support microSD cards.

MP3 Converter

One of VidMate’s most useful features is its built-in MP3 converter. This feature can also be used to save storage space since it can be used on podcasts. As you all probably know, podcasts usually last from one hour to three and this makes them quite large in size. Even though most podcasts come in form of videos, what really matters is the audio.

Say for example you are downloading a podcast from Joe Rogan which lasts for two hours, the podcast will obviously feature video footage but the thing that matters is the topics he is covering.

Joe Rogan is joined by all types of interesting partners such as doctors, field research experts and sports celebrities and the topics they are talking about are always brilliant.

Using VidMate on PC

Even though VidMate might be designed for Android smartphones, there is a clever trick that will make the app run on PC systems as well. This trick implies using an Android emulator such as BlueStacks for example. The only thing that interested readers need to do is to download the latest APK version of VidMate and an Android emulator which will be able to install it.

Easy Way to Search for Videos

VidMate’s developers wanted to make sure that everyone is able to use the app and not only tech savvy people. While downloading and converting online videos to MP3 files might sound like a complicated task, this is not the case with VidMate.

A cool tip for searching for online videos is to use the app’s built-in search engine that can be found in VidMate’s UI (user interface). Instead of having to search for videos on third party streaming platforms and copying their URL, VidMate users can simply use the built-in search engine and look for their favorite type of content through keywords. For example, VidMate users will be able to download Kanye West’s latest song by simply typing in his name in the search engine.