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VidMate – How to Watch Online Videos While Offline


VidMate is a premium level app that gives users the ability to download all their favorite videos. With the use of VidMate, people are never going to get bored anymore because they can fill up their smartphone’s internal storage space with hours of fresh and interesting videos to watch without needing to rely on a Wi-Fi network.

Endless Hours Content

People used to watch shows and movies via cable TV, but times are changing and so is the way we receive entertainment. Nowadays, the internet is filled with thousands of online videos that cover every possible topic from sports highlights, fail compilations to news reports and anyone can watch these videos by simply hitting a “Play” button.

On the downside of things, these videos need to be streamed and this requires an internet connection. Therefore, people who enjoy passing up their free time by watching funny online videos need to have lots of mobile data in order to stream them. Fortunately, VidMate gives everyone a solid alternative!

Download Online Videos

Mobile data is expensive, and luckily, VidMate gives users a way to avoid consuming it while watching online videos. VidMate supports every streaming website in the world such as Vimeo for example, and it allows users to download videos from them.

To make things even better, downloading videos through VidMate is super easy because the app is equipped with a friendly UI (user interface). VidMate users can search for their favorite videos directly through the UI’s built-in “search engine” or simply paste the link of the desired video.

With that being said, VidMate users will be able to download online videos while they are at home near a stable Wi-Fi network and then watch them while commuting to work or school.