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VidMate Boasts with Over 200 Million Downloads


Many video downloaders can provide users with the ability to watch all their favorite online content while offline, but all of them pale in comparison with VidMate. People who decide to download and install VidMate on their smartphone will never get bored anymore because this app is able to download videos from all types of platforms.

Nonetheless, today we are going to check out everything there is to know about VidMate and see why people should consider giving it a try. We are also going to cover some of VidMate’s most important features in order to give everyone an insight of what this app is truly capable of.

Guaranteed Safety

The only downside to VidMate is that it’s not available on the official Google Play Store. However, this doesn’t mean that VidMate is a bad app by any means. The reason why Google doesn’t list VidMate on its official Play Store is because VidMate can download videos from online streaming platforms that don’t want this to happen so that they can keep users online for longer times and display ads to them.

In addition, VidMate has recently achieved the huge milestone of being downloaded for more than 200 million times. There aren’t that many apps which can boast with massive user bases like VidMate and this speaks volumes about the quality of services that VidMate offers.

Download Online Videos for Free

Even though VidMate offers a plethora of high-end features, the app is still free to download! Yes, you read that right. VidMate gives everyone the ability to download online videos whenever they want and it doesn’t charge one penny in exchange.

New Videos Every Day

Considering the fact that online streaming platforms are flooded with new videos every day, we think it’s safe to assume that VidMate can provide users with an endless amount of content. As previously mentioned, VidMate users are never going to get bored anymore and this makes VidMate a “must-have” for every person who enjoys mobile entertainment.

Download Free Music

If we take a look at the most popular video streaming platforms in the world, we will see that they feature all the latest music videos and songs. This means that VidMate users can download them all for free and expand their music library with the songs that they love.

To make things even better, VidMate is equipped with a pre-installed MP3 converter. This feature can be used to convert music videos into simple tracks automatically and to create playlists directly on smartphones.

Special File Manager

Since we are talking about VidMate, we need to mention that this video downloader ships with a special file manager that makes it easier for people to store newly downloaded videos and music on their smartphones.

The reason this file manager is so special is because it allows users to select where they want to store videos before the download process even starts. In addition, the file manager deletes duplicate files.

Easy to Use

Downloading online videos from streaming platforms that don’t feature a “Download” button might seem like a complicated task, but this is not the case with VidMate.

The app is equipped with a simple to use UI (user interface) which makes sure that everyone can download the files they want without needing to be tech savvy or to have any extensive software knowledge.

Moreover, the UI features cleverly placed panels for options such as “Settings” and “Download File” so that anyone can see them at first glance and access them instantly.