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VidMate 3.6512 Update – Downloading Online Videos Has Never Been Easier


Watching online videos is everyone’s favorite way to pass up free time and there is no doubt about that. In fact, online streaming platforms offer such a wide variety of entertaining shows that traditional cable companies are going bankrupt. Although, no one can blame people for choosing to go with online videos which are available at all times in comparison with cable TV shows where people need to sit through hours of ads before they can get to the fun stuff.

On the downside of things, streaming online videos require people to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network or to mobile data. The problem here is that this makes online videos unavailable at all times because as well know, mobile data can be really expensive and free Wi-Fi is impossible to find. Fortunately, here is where VidMate comes in and saves the day.

Alternative Way to Watch Online Videos

VidMate is a popular app that has made its name in the Android community by providing Android users with all the tools they need in order to download online videos. While the ability to download online videos might not sound that amazing at first, being able to do this actually means that users will have access to an endless source of entertaining content that they can watch anytime they want.

VidMate 3.6512 Update

One of the best things about VidMate is that this is a free to use app. Yes, you read that right! The app that helps everyone download online videos so that they can watch them while offline is free to use. Despite being free, VidMate still benefits from full fledged developer support.

This means that VidMate’s performances and software stability are constantly being improved through a steady stream of APK updates. The latest update for VidMate sports the 3.6512 version number and everyone can read more about it here.


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