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Valve Steam Chat is Now Live – Discord’s Biggest Competitor


Playing together with your friends has never been easier! Valve recently revealed Steam Chat and this service is going to rival Discord. For those who don’t know about Discord, this is a desktop and mobile app that helps players all around the world get into voice chats.

Discord is one of the most popular apps in the gaming community because it allows players to synchronize their abilities and coordinate their characters so that they can defeat challenging enemies.

Steam Chat is Now Available

Nonetheless, Valve saw that Discord’s popularity is getting bigger by the day and decided to launch Steam Chat. Valve’s new service has been available exclusively to beta testers for the past couple of weeks, but now everyone can check it out.

Modern Chat Offering

Considering that Discord is one of the most popular apps in the gaming community, Valve needed to equip Steam Chat with lots of cool features so that it can compete against it. Therefore, Steam Chat will feature group contacts, favorite contacts and allow large group chats to talk over the mic in persistent channels.

Media Support

Another cool feature that will help Steam Chat compete against Discord is the fact that it supports all types of media formats. Valve announced that Steam Chat users can send GIFs, Soundcloud and YouTube videos among all other types of traditional media files.

Encrypted Voice Chat

No likes to have their conversation listened and Valve is making sure that this never happens on Steam Chat because it added a high-level of encryption to the voice chat.

Moreover, Steam Chat will feature both a browser-based client and another one that is built directly into Steam, thus making the voice chat app easier to access by players who are looking to get in touch with their teammates.


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