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Use SnapTube at Its Full Potential with These Cool Tricks & Tips


SnapTube has been getting more and more popular with each day and the reason behind this is the fact that its able to download any sort of online video or audio file. This feature makes SnapTube a highly useful app, especially for people who travel a lot and want to keep themselves entertained but hate spending their precious mobile data.

Most people use SnapTube to download videos and songs while they are at home, connected to a secure Wi-Fi network so that they have something to watch or listen to while commuting to work or school. Nonetheless, today we are going to present some awesome SnapTube tips which will help people get the most out of the app.

Video Categories

One of the coolest things about SnapTube is that it features a video categories tab. Therefore, SnapTube users can access video categories such as funny pranks, sports highlights or music and check out which are the latest viral videos. Overall, this feature makes it easier for SnapTube users to keep their smartphones filled with entertaining content.


Even though SnapTube is free to download and use, the app doesn’t display any ads. However, there are some app which take over the user interfaces of other apps and fill them with annoying ads. Therefore, people who keep seeing ads while using SnapTube should know that they need to double check what apps they installed on their smartphones.

Different Video Resolutions

Since SnapTube’s main feature is to download online videos, the developers who are in charge of it have made sure to give SnapTube fans the ability to download videos in every pixel resolution they want ranging from 144p to full HD 1080p. This is a neat feature that fans can use to download videos which run at their smartphone’s full capacity.