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USB C Charger For Apple iPhone, With Quick Charge, Leaked


About a year ago, rumors began to spread that Apple would change the Lightning on its iPhone smartphones to the USB C standard. They’ve already done it on their laptops, so it would make sense for them to end up doing it on their smartphones as well. And a few weeks ago, the rumors came back. But now with an image they claim corresponds to a prototype of this charger, with 18W to take advantage of the fast charge that came with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Apple already posed a dilemma when it introduced iPhone 5 and switched from the pin connector to the Lightning connector. There was already a considerable aftermarket of accessories designed specifically to work with Apple smartphones and MP3 players, and adapters had to be launched and, of course, progressively updated.

Now, Apple has been using the Lightning connector for several years now, and the only thing that has changed is that it is the single connector because with the iPhone 7 they also made the auxiliary audio input disappear, the 3.5-millimeter mini-jack that is increasingly in fewer smartphones.

This should be a prototype of Apple USB C charger which will be arriving on iPhone smartphones soon

Apple is not expected to introduce USB C for its smartphones earlier this year, but it has been commented that it could be in 2019.

In any case, the new rumors arrive backed up by three pics.

On the other hand, the rumors point out that it offers 18W so that its performance would be well above the current chargers, which reach only 5W, although it would be far from the 30W model.

This, they say, is the iPhone charger that would be included in Apple smartphones sales package. So, if the information is accurate, we’ll soon have USB C on Apple smartphones but with a fast charger included.

Something that, by the way, its competitors have been offering for years and has not stood out at any time.